5 upcoming towns near Nairobi

People live in towns that have job opportunities, security, and great housing. Just to mention a few.

Deciding to move into a different city or town is not as easy as it sounds. If you are used to the fast-paced city life, you want to move into a city that is fast paced. If you are used to a secure environment, you want to maintain the same kind of security.

Nairobi city

Moving calls for a lot of research. Being informed about you surroundings saves you time and helps you make your decisions faster.

Here we are going to look at five upcoming towns near Nairobi, and what they have to offer


Ruiru has been an industrial town with several major factories including; Devki Steel mills, Supper foam, spinners & spinners garment factory and Ruiru feeds.

Ruiru town

Ruiru has seen a rapid population growth in the last 10 years. This is mainly due to the shortage of housing in Nairobi. Ruiru has been striving to adapt to the influx of people, and so far, it’s been doing great. Lately, the city has been enjoying a housing boom which looks like it will continue growing as more shopping malls, ICT businesses and the upcoming multi-billion Tatu city are underway.


Murang’a is a fast-growing town that attracts traders and farmers in the neighboring districts. While neighboring towns like Thika, Ruiru and Kiambu continue to bring up more concrete structures, Murang’a is sustaining its agricultural growth which has improved the socio-economic status of the people.

Murang’a town

Murang’a would not be considered a fast-paced town, but one that’s full of sceneries, with quite a number of attractions. Murang’a town borders the Aberdare national park and forest to the east, rapids camp sagana on the border of Murang’s and Nyeri county.


With population growth, any city or town is set for rapid growth. In the last few years, Machakos has seen environmental change and dry land management which has led to sustainable developments.

Machakos town

Real estate is also another development that has led to a great influence in economic growth


Kiambu town has experienced a significant loss of large amounts of tea and coffee plantations, and in turn gained huge shopping malls, business centers and a skyrocketing increase in housing.

Kiambu town

As one of the cities that has recorded the highest increase in land prices like Kisumu city, Kiambu currently presents itself as an attractive city with great job opportunities and attractive, prime housing.


Recorded as a satellite town with high potential, Thika town has experienced tremendous growth in the last eight years.

Thika superhighway

Thika is externally serviced by and eight-lane superhighway, a highway to Garissa and the rest of North-east Kenya, a highway to the central highlands and a railway line. Internally, the town has a well-maintained road network. It’s population is rapidly growing, with a lot of its residents coming from Nairobi, North eastern and the central highlands.

Thika town

Economically, Thika is known as the town with agricultural processing and textile industries.

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